Welcome to the Wacky World of International Stand Up Comedian

Dirty Pierre


Designer of the Worlds most Collectable Tshirts

and Organiser of the Famous Wet Tshirt Competitions

featured in "Picture Magazine"

Dirty Pierre is an International Stand-Up Comedian who
performs through out Europe running Wet Tshirt Comps
but raises money for charity back here in Australia.
Most Aussies know him for his frequent appearances in
"Picture Magazine" with his Wet Tshirt Competitions.

The now legendary "Terrorists Fuck'em" slogan above

has so far raised in excess of


for both charities in Australia and Overseas.

It is still being sold today nearly 10 years after its introduction at Melbourne's Sexpo in 2002
It was designed primarily to raise money for the Bali Appeal

but has gone on to support many other charities, such as the
Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service, Outback Hospitals,
Children's shelters, Queensland Schools, Volunteer Coast
Guard, Royal Children's Hospital and also taken a group of
Developmentally Disabled Children on a holiday in NSW.
To date he has raised over $300,000 alone with this design,
This is on top of the $60,000 that he normally raises per year
with his famous, some say legendary, tshirt designs at the
various festivals throughout Australia such as:

Summernats Car Festival Canberra, Tamworth Country Music Festival NSW., Mt Isa Rodeo Qld., Birdsville Outback Races Qld., Bathurst V8s NSW. (But the tshirts are only available at "News on William" Newsagency 80 William St Bathurst and not on the mountain)

and lastly look for his highly illustrated VW Kombi camped at the Deni Ute Muster NSW.


Below is some of the charity work Dirty Pierre does in Asia

Mekong Charity Day

Thanh Phu is a poor village on the island of Ben Tre in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. We had a Police Motorcycle Escort from Ho Chi Minh City to the Mekong Delta which took us over 2 hrs to get there but coming home without escort took over 4 hrs. The Doctors donated their time and treated about a 100 people and they were each given free medicine which had been donated through Red Cross. I helped distribute a sack of rice, carton of noodles, cooking oil, soya sauce and can of condensed milk to each person. Clothing had been also donated. It was a most enjoyable day and made many new Vietnamese friends. Some of the elderly recipients came up to me and hugged me and thanked me for coming to their village. This is just one of the many projects I fund in Vietnam from the sale of my merchandise back in Australia.

Every year Dirty Pierre dresses up in his Santa Costume and visits all the sick children in the Saigon Cancer Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam.


To view the 2009 Saigon Cancer Hospital visit click on the video link below:

Santa Claus visits Cancer Hospital in Saigon


Dirty Pierre, after doing his annual hospital rounds as Santa in 2010, he then visited a poorer village in the back lanes of Binh Thanh in Ho Chi Minh City

When Santa rounds the corner there are squeals of delight as Santa hands out presents and candy to the local children.

Now back to whats happening in Australia Tamworth Country Music Festival

Why not join the crowd at the Oasis Hotel on the Saturday arvo on the last weekend of the Tamworth Country Music Festival to see his famous Charity Wet Tshirt Comp.


These all time favourite designs are still available.

The "Terrorists Fuckem!" slogan comes in

Singlets and Tshirts in the following sizes:

Small, One Size Fits All and Oversize for $30 each.

We also have in very limited stock a really really really big size called Supersize which is equivalent to XXXXXXXXL yes you read correctly 8Xs and the guys who take this size say Dirty Pierre is the only guy in Australia making shirts with cool sayings big enough for them.

Above is an example of a Supersize tshirt at Sexpo

and below is an example of all the sizes available in singlets at Sexpo

 Black Stubbie Cooler Sleeves (no bottoms) $15


 The new design

 "Wipe Ya Eyes Princess,

Harden the Fuck Up"

slogan below released to rave reviews at Sexpo

are now available in

Singlets $30, Tshirts $30,

Vinyl Banners for your campsite at Bathurst or your shed bar at home

$100 for Vinyl Banner or $30 for the smaller cotton tea towel for your wall at home plus $10 postage and handling

Wet Suit Beer Cooler Sleeves


Available in Black, Fluro Pink or Fluro Green  $15

plus $5 postage and handling

and high quality Vinyl Stickers available in two slogans

Small for Bikes and Cars $5 or

Large for Utes and Trucks $10

plus $3 postage and handling for stickers only


White ink on black background or Black ink on White background

or Aussie Green and Gold cloth Caps with Gold embroidery $30 plus $5 postage and handling

One Size Fits All with adjustable strap at the back.



Photos of Celebrity mates wearing his designs

And below are Rosco (Capt. Moondog) and Dirty Pierre giving a

helping hand to one of Santa's little elves on their Melbourne Sexpo Stand

Latest new product made famous by that Bogan Sheila who stole one from my mates Aussie Bar in Phuket.

Rubber backed Bar mats which can also double as Ute dashboard mats as the rubber backing stops

them from sliding across the dash when you're doing circle work in the Ute.



They cost $60 for one, $100 for 2 that's a saving of $20

This special introductory Bar/Dash Mat deal also includes free postage and is for a limited time only.

For payment we use Paypal and we simply invoice your email address when the order

is ready to be posted out to you at your Paypal registered address.

To place an order email directly to the yahoo email address which you will find below as a jpg picture.


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